Sushi Bar

Lunch From The Sushi Bar

Vegetarian Roll (cucumber & avocado) 6.95
California Roll (crab stick, avocado, fish eggs) 7.95
Tuna Roll (2rolls) 8.95
Temaki (tuna, salmon, y-tail hand roll) 10.95
Sushi Lunch (5 piece sushi & 1 California roll) 10.95
Sushi & Sashimi for one 13.95

Dinner From The Sushi Bar

Sushi Regular (a tuna roll with 7 pieces of sushi) 15.95
Sushi Deluxe (A California roll with 9 pieces of sushi ) 17.95
Sashimi Deluxe (20 pieces of thin sliced raw fish) 20.95
Sashimi Regular (15 pieces of thin sliced raw fish) 17.95
Hea-Dobbob (assorted sashimi with rice, Vegetables & hot sauce) 15.95
Unazu (seasoned broiled eel with rice) 20.95
Special for two (assorted sushi, sashimi & rolls) 46.95
Special for Three (assorted sushi , sashimi & rolls) 69.95
Temaki (tuna, salmon, y-tail, California hand rolls) 14.95
Vegetarian Roll (Japanese Pickles, cucumber & avocado roll) 11.95
Combination Roll (California, eel & tuna rolls) 13.95

Fish Selections For Sushi or Sashimi – Sushi 1 pc. per order (fish over rice), – Sashimi 2 pcs. per order (sliced fish)

Salmon, Fluke, Shrimp & Squid 2.00
Yellow Tail, Octopus & Mackeral 2.25
Tuna, Smoked Salmon & Flying Fish Eggs 2.50
Salmon Roe, Scallop & Eel 3.00
Sea Urchin 4.00

Special Rolls

Valentine’s Roll (shrimp tempura roll with salmon, w-tuna, spicy tuna, avocado) 15.95
Dae Jang Roll (spicy salmon roll topped with spicy tuna salad) 13.95
Spicy Lady Roll (spicy California roll topped with tuna, salmon) 10.95
Lobster Roll (fried lobster tail) 9.95
Monroe Roll (Fried) (mozzarella cheese, crab meat, avocado) 6.95
Casanova Roll (fried oyster, sautéed garlic) 6.95
Ellen Roll (fried spicy California roll) 6.00
Alaska Roll (salmon with avocado) 6.00
Spider Roll (fried soft shell crab with avocado) 8.95
Tempura Roll (fried shrimp with avocado) 6.00
Rainbow Roll (crab & eel outside 7 different fish on top) 12.95
Philadelphia Roll (smoked salmon with cream cheese) 6.00
Salmon Skin Roll 5.00
Arizona Sunset Roll (yellow tail, tuna, salmon) 6.50
Captain Roll (a big roll with cooked fish & vegetables) 13.95
Scallop Roll 6.00
Tempura Crab Roll 5.00
Fried Oyster Roll 6.00
Red Dragon Roll (eel, with tuna outside) 12.95
Black Dragon Roll (tuna inside with eel outside) 12.95
Green Dragon Roll (eel inside with avocado outside) 10.95
Cucumber Land Roll (salmon, tuna, y-tail wrapped in cucumber) 8.00
Futomaki (a big roll with vegetables, crab, cooked egg & fish eggs) 10.95
Crunch Spicy Tuna Roll 6.50
Tuna Roll 5.50
Jang’s Roll(seared tuna) 8.95
Avocado Roll 4.00
Uni Roll 7.95
Cucumber Roll 3.50
Asparagus Roll 4.00
Spicy Vegetable Roll 4.00
Vegetable Roll 4.00
Chef’s Special Roll #1 (tuna, salmon, eel, and deep fried onion) 10.95
Chef’s Special Roll #2 (shrimp tempura roll topped with tuna & salmon) 12.95