Plum House

Japanese Daily SpecialsOwner/Sushi Chef Young Ju Kwon has over 20 years of experience making excellent quality sushi. Plum House is a Japanese restaurant offering foods such as sushi, teriyaki, tempura and offers a variety of specialty rolls such as the Valentines Roll, Daejang Roll, Spicy Lady Roll, and the Monroe Roll created to provide a unique but delectable choice for their customers. Plum House has been striving for more than 14 years to serve some of the most top quality sushi and Japanese cuisine in the Hudson Valley. With a welcoming atmosphere, a cozy dining space, and a smiling, attentive staff we can ensure your stay at Plum House will be one of comfort and satisfaction. Sushi is as much a food as it is a form of art and at Plum House it is ensured that every dish is a masterpiece crafted to appease both your eyes and mouth.